Your Life Might Look Pretty Good From The Outside, But Right Now It Feels Anything But Good…

As Counsellors and Therapists with a focus on Stress and Anxiety, we can help.

Through counselling, we can work together to overcome the negative thoughts and feelings, panic attacks, or whatever is getting in the way of feeling good.

Perhaps you have a good career and friends, potentially a really positive future. Many aspects of your life are just as you would wish. A lot of people probably think you’ve got it all together and in many ways you do.

Yet despite how good your life might look to others, sometimes it feels like you’re playing a role.

Something feels like it’s missing or just not right.

Maybe you have a sense of being disconnected or you feel on edge. You may not even be sure what is going on but you know you are not entirely happy.

…I have turned from someone that procrastinated over so many things into someone who can take action and make positive changes,…Therapy is the most worthwhile thing I’ve done for myself. Read More…

– LB 31, Consultant, Sydney

You might be experiencing some of the following symptoms of stress, depression or anxiety:

  • panic or anxiety attacks
  • angry outbursts
  • feeling stuck, confused or worried
  • being teary or over sensitive
  • feeling empty or hollow
  • difficulty sleeping
  • feeling overwhelmed or out of control
  • lack of motivation or depressed moods
  • feeling uneasy or anxious a lot of the time
  • struggling with your sense of direction or purpose
  • relationship or career difficulties

Possibly you’ve been carrying on regardless of how you feel—you keep the smile on your face socially and continue to be productive at work. Like many people who are struggling with stress and anxiety, however, you may begin to recognise signs of less than healthy ‘coping’ strategies:

  • using party drugs or drinking more without really meaning to
  • withdrawing from social situations
  • working and/or training even longer and harder
  • shopping or spending more
  • procrastinating over a decision or course of action
  • clinging to a bad relationship or allowing a good one to spiral out of control

Possibly you have begun to experience moments of real panic or despair. You might become anxious or depressed at simply the thought of your work, relationships or future being affected. Maybe someone’s even told you they’re concerned about you.

The stress, anxiety or depression can no longer be ignored.

Enough is enough.

…I worked hard and partied hard. I always thought that I was in control…until I began having panic attacks. It was a real shock…The journey was longer than I expected but worthwhile…The panic attacks are long gone and these days I feel calm. Read More…

– SL 41, Marketing, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

Whether it’s panic, bursts of anger or sudden tears, you can overcome stress and anxiety.

Through counselling, you can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Therapy can even help you overcome negative behaviours that feel like they have taken hold. You can develop a stronger sense of self. You can confidently know where you want to live, what you want to do, where you want to work, and who you want to be with.

Your life can meet its full potential and you can feel as good as your life looks on the outside.

As counsellors, we can help you to get a handle on your life, to feel yourself again or better.

With our assistance as therapists, you can regain a sense of wellbeing. In stark contrast to feeling hostage to anxiety and depressed moods, you can:

  • Feel calm, positive and secure, even in situations that triggered anxiety in the past.
  • Be at ease and feel more yourself without having to put on an act.
  • Have a greater sense of control over important aspects of your life – make good choices and take appropriate actions.
  • Have a new or renewed sense of purpose. Feeling more confident and self-assured will enable you to trust or find your instincts and passions again.
  • Feel more resilient, flexible, and spontaneous. Paradoxically, along with feeling more in control, it will also feel OK to ‘let go’ more. You will find yourself better able to cope with matters that are beyond your control.
  • Find and feel happiness and joy in your life – work and leisure, relationships and family.

You deserve to feel happy and fulfilled. As counsellors we are committed to helping you get there.

We have extensive experience, training and qualifications in Counselling and Psychotherapy. With 40 years experience between us, we have successfully helped many people enhance their personal development and wellbeing.

Clients often comment that a key part of why they feel better is that we provide them with hope – that we seem calmly confident in their potential to triumph. Our confidence comes from having had the privilege of witnessing our clients turn their lives around.

We are convinced this is possible for anyone in this situation.

…I never really believed there would be a long-term solution…but I feel so much more confident that I can cope and take charge of my life. Thank you, Jacqui! Read More…

– JS 30, Journalist, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

Therapy research consistently demonstrates that the therapeutic relationship is central to successful psychotherapy. We build a strong rapport with our clients and through authenticity and transparency they know that we care and they trust that we will take them to where they need to go.

Do get the help you deserve and turn your life around.

It is only through taking action to alleviate your pain that you can get yourself on route to feeling better.

If you are ready to feel better in your life, take the next step. . .

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