About Heather Firth

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Graduate diploma in counselling
Affiliated Clinical Member CAPA and PACFA Registered
Workcover Service Provider

About Me

I have 20 years experience in counselling and psychotherapy. I have worked with people with a wide variety of problems including stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, new parents and their concerns, long-term issues and shorter term grievances.

As a mature counsellor, I have experienced a wide range of life experiences and relationships which I draw on to help my clients work through their concerns. My clients tell me that I am nurturing, warm, insightful, and understanding. I am passionate about personal growth and helping people develop happier and more meaningful lives.

Having been married for over 30 years, I understand the challenges involved in intimate relationships which is one of the main reasons that bring people into therapy.

I love people, music and art, and I enjoy learning to tap dance! I am a person who loves my journey of discovery as life unfolds.

My Personal Journey

Like many of my clients, my feelings were not acknowledged as important or discussed in my childhood, even though my parents were intelligent and caring people. This left some pretty significant missing pieces to my understanding of the jigsaw of life and relationships. Once I could identify some of the ongoing feelings of uneasiness and irritability that I struggled with, I began asking questions and searching for answers.

As I searched for “the missing pieces” I came across a book on parenting where I began to realise what it was that had always felt was missing inside me . . . the awareness and language of feelings and how we actually relate to one another.

I visited a psychotherapist, and with new insight, the door opened to my own self-discovery and personal growth. Learning about myself ultimately enabled me to parent my own children differently from how I had been parented.

It wasn’t surprising then considering my own positive experience in therapy, that after being a homemaker and raising my own children, I studied and became qualified to be a Counsellor and Psychotherapist. My career allows me to work professionally and ethically, to integrate knowledge and current learnings. Now being the person I have become, I can assist my clients live fuller and happier lives.

I respect and encourage people who seek the help of a psychotherapist. It is a courageous step to take – to choose to grow emotionally to make a difference in one’s life and so become a more emotionally robust person. More fulfilling personal relationships are the result.

My Approach to Therapy

Psychotherapy is a dynamic relational process integrating current learnings from psychology, neuroscience, psychoanalysis, and biochemistry.

I work primarily from a psychodynamic perspective, which means that together we focus on the present while drawing on your earlier experiences in life which unconsciously, may contribute to your current experience of stress and anxiety. We work together to help you develop a more robust inner self so you can enjoy happier and more fulfilling relationships.

Psychodynamic therapy is usually longer term and we work at a deeper psychological level to help uncover and express the “real” you, the “you” that longs to feel safe to express your desires, passions and strengths in order to live life to the full.

Alternatively if appropriate, I utilise a short-term solution focused therapy (SFT) method. Here, the length of therapy is usually 4-6 weeks. SFT enables behavioural change, which allows you to move from feeling stuck in a particular situation to opening up to finding possible solutions to your problems.

In our counselling sessions, I am focused on you and your experiences. My goal is to work with you to help you understand yourself, your feelings and behaviours, and create a safe space for your inner growth.

Participating in ongoing professional development and clinical supervision allows me to keep up to date and to offer high quality service. This also includes an assurance of your confidentiality.

Therapy Areas of Focus

Stress, Anxiety, and Meeting the Challenges of Parenting Babies and Young Children

In addition to my work in helping people overcome stress and anxiety, I have a special interest in supporting new parents who are finding the change in their lives somewhat confronting and difficult. I understand that many parents want to parent better than they were parented themselves.

I have studied infant-parent relationships and the impact this has on the developing baby. When baby feels emotionally secure in this primary relationship, he/she will thrive emotionally and have a secure foundation for all relationships through life.

Workcover Service Provider

I am a registered Workcover service provider assisting clients to return to the workplace after a workplace injury with an emotional or psychological component.

If you think you might benefit from counseling with me, contact me to find out more or to arrange an appointment.