Overcome painful stress and anxiety

Your life looks good from the outside,
but right now you feel anything but good.
We can help.

Your life looks good from the outside, but right now you feel anything but good.
We can help.

Is stress or anxiety getting in the way?

Even if your life looks pretty good. Even if people close to you don't know any different.
You don’t feel as good as your life looks.

Perhaps you carry on, keep the smile on your face and continue to work hard and achieve in your job. You keep busy. But the stress, anxiety or depressed feelings can no longer be ignored!

Are you experiencing...

  • Outbursts of anger or tears

  • Panic or anxiety attacks

  • Confusion, worry, sleeplessness

  • Emptiness or loneliness

  • Feeling overwhelmed or depressed

  • Lack of motivation or direction

  • Relationship or workplace difficulties

  • Feeling anxious a lot of the time

  • Feeling out of control

  • Being oversensitive and snappy

  • A sense of being stuck or trapped

  • Feeling flat or numb

It can be difficult to take steps when you are stressed, depressed or anxious.

If you find yourself resisting taking action or not knowing what to do, you’re not alone. It can be especially difficult when you’re a high achiever or admired by others for particular accomplishments.

Your ability to cope and solider on has often been a part of your success. This makes it a challenge to confront stress, anxiety or depression.

Like many people in your situation, you may begin to recognise signs of less than healthy ‘coping’ strategies.

Do you...

  • Use party drugs or drink to excess without meaning to?

  • Withdraw from or avoid social situations

  • Procrastinate over decisions or a course of action?

  • Work and/or train longer and harder?

  • Shop or eat more than you would like?

  • Cling to a bad relationship or sabotage a good one?

Whether it’s panic, bursts of anger or sudden tears, you can overcome stress and anxiety.

Often the drive to tackle the panic or despair comes when you worry that you can’t continue to function as usual. You become anxious or depressed at the thought of your work or relationships being affected. Or someone tells you they’re concerned about you.

As hard as it is to reach this point, it can also be a turning point. Daring to see that things aren’t great, you may question when it was that you were really happy.

This can be the catalyst to begin imagining how it might feel to be truly happy. It is possible.

We can help you heal

Welcome to Jacqueline Stone & Associates. We are highly qualified counsellors and therapists in Sydney with extensive experience, ready to help you regain a sense of wellbeing, to feel:

  • Calm and secure

  • More in control

  • Resilient and flexible

  • A sense of direction

  • More yourself, more authentic

  • At peace with the past

  • Hope and joy

Our Therapists in Sydney

We can work together to overcome the negative thoughts and feelings, the anxiety attacks and depressed mood, or whatever is getting in the way of you feeling good.

Dominique Smajstr

Counsellor & Therapist

Jacqueline Stone

Counsellor & Therapist

Jill Schmidt-Lindner

Counsellor & Therapist

Through counselling, you can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Therapy can even help you overcome negative behaviours that feel like they have taken hold. You can develop a stronger sense of self. You can confidently know where you want to live, what you want to do, where you want to work, and who you want to be with.

Your life can meet its full potential and you can feel as good as your life looks on the outside.

A Word From Jacqueline Stone

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Clients often comment...

... that a key part of why they feel better is that we provide them with hope -
that we seem calmly confident in their potential to triumph.

Our confidence comes from having had the privilege, since 2003,
of witnessing our clients turn their lives around.

Therapy is the most worthwhile thing I’ve done for myself

…I have turned from someone that procrastinated over so many things
into someone who can take action and make positive changes…
Therapy is the most worthwhile thing I’ve done for myself.

- LB 31, Consultant, Sydney

I always thought that I was in control...

I worked hard and partied hard. I always thought that I was in control… until I began having panic attacks. It was a real shock…
The journey was longer than I expected but worthwhile. 
The panic attacks are long gone and these days I feel calm.

- SL 41, Marketing, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

I suffered from long-term depression mixed with anxiety.

…I never really believed there would be a long-term solution…
but I feel so much more confident that I can cope and take charge of my life.
Thank you, Jacqui!

– JS 30, Journalist, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney