How We Work

Sydney Counselling and Therapy

Whether it’s depressed moods, bursts of anger or sudden tears,
you can overcome stress and anxiety.

What to Expect from Therapy/Counselling

Counsellors in Sydney

Are you considering a counsellor in Sydney? Through counselling, you can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Therapy can even help you overcome negative behaviours that feel like they have taken hold. You can develop a stronger sense of self, a better understanding of what you want in life, and how to achieve it.

Therapy Approaches

Ours is a structured but flexible counselling approach based on proven methods. As therapists, our commitment is to work with you in a manner that best suits your needs and goals. Our style is transparent and collaborative — together we will find the right pace and approach to working with you.

“Brain scans done before and after psychotherapy show both
that the brain plastically reorganizes itself in treatment
and that the more successful the treatment, the greater the change.”
- Norman Doidge, 2007.

Below are two of the key therapy approaches we use in our work as counsellors and therapists.

Sydney Counselling FAQ

Here are the answers to the common questions we are asked about Sydney counselling and therapy.