The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge – A Book Review and Recommendation

Here is a rare combination – The Brain that Changes Itself is both an international bestseller and a book about neuroscience. It’s successful because Doidge writes about science using compelling human stories. It has broad appeal. It lends itself to dipping in and choosing the chapters that look interesting to you.

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3 Quick Response Tools to Help Manage Stress, Anxiety & Strong Emotions

We all experience moments of overwhelming emotion or panic. Some of us, more often than we’d like. And possibly without having any tools ready to help manage such situations. Your heart is racing, you have an urge to yell and swing at someone, to run and hide, or perhaps you feel completely frozen. It is … Read more

Maybe anxiety is not the problem

Yes, anxiety can be a problem, potentially a debilitating one at that.  However, I’m suggesting that how we perceive it and react to it, is what really deserves our attention. Anxiety is basically a degree of distress that arises when you anticipate some threat or danger. It primes your fight, flight or freeze reaction.  This … Read more