The Secret Weapon Guaranteed to Improve Your Mood and Stress Levels

The Secret Weapon Guaranteed to Improve Your Mood and Stress Levels

This is the single most effective intervention for people plagued with a host of negative stress outcomes. It is also the simplest and most accessible.

The downside is that it is one of those annoying things that we know is good for us but we don’t do it. Or we do it a bit sometimes.

So really the thing itself is no secret at all. What is secret is how damned effective it is.

The Secret Weapon Guaranteed to Improve Your Mood and Stress Levels

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Trouble Relaxing? Here’s the Answer…Even if You’re Plagued with Stress and Tension

You can’t rid your life of stress.

You can perhaps reduce it and learn to better manage it. But in varying degrees, stress is here to stay.

Part of dealing with it is looking after your body. It cannot withstand being under pressure for prolonged periods. You know your own body’s telltale signs of too much stress. Is it headaches? Heartburn? Constipation or irritable bowel? Bung neck or back?

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How to Tame Your Anger

You might  be surprised at how common it is to have a problem with anger.

Can you relate to any of these?

A) You snap with spite. Fiery emotion seems to come out of nowhere like an alien from within. You are fine one moment, possessed the next. And you hate this aspect of yourself.

B) You don’t show your anger often…but it’s there. The odd raging outburst when you get drunk, or an aggressive attack on an inanimate object. It’s scary to be a non-violent person transformed into one who kicks or throws something out of anger.

C)  You wouldn’t say your problem is anger exactly. What pains you is more like a constant simmering frustration or boredom – this is a close relative of anger.

D) Your anger bypasses most other people and is directed inward, as a form of depression or self-loathing.

If you can relate to any of the above, you probably wish it could be different. You wonder what better anger management might look like, but you find it hard to believe that you can change. You’ve probably tried to change it, stop it, control it because of the consequences it has on others and yourself…but so far you’ve been unsuccessful. You may not think you can change it. But, regardless of your doubts…

How to Tame Anger

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3 Quick Response Tools to Help Manage Stress, Anxiety & Strong Emotions

We all experience moments of overwhelming emotion or panic. Some of us, more often than we’d like. And possibly without having any tools ready to help manage such situations. Your heart is racing, you have an urge to yell and swing at someone, to run and hide, or perhaps you feel completely frozen.

It is not uncommon in this predicament to flee the scene. That might mean getting off the bus as soon as possible or excusing yourself from a meeting – maybe you try some self-talk, distraction or an urgent call to a friend. In the case of a first-timer experiencing a panic attack, it may well involve a trip to the hospital for fear of a heart attack.

Most likely the reality of your situation doesn’t warrant the panic or rage you’re experiencing. Your brain and body are primed for survival unnecessarily! But it feels like an unstoppable chain reaction.

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