Wish You Could See A Therapy Demonstration In Action?

Wish you could see a demo of therapy in action?Don’t you wish you could see a real-life demonstration of therapy?

The process of counselling and therapy is hardly an exact science. You can make goals and predictions and work towards them but it isn’t straightforward.

Therapy works. But no matter the leaps and bounds in neuroscience over the past couple of decades, it is still challenging to explain it in a simple and compelling way.

Whether you are a fan or not, you can see why The Biggest Loser is compelling viewing. The workouts, the pain, the eating, the emotions, the drastic change in body shape right before your eyes. If only therapeutic gains could somehow be witnessed in the same way that weight loss can. If only we watch a counselling and therapy demonstration.

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How People End Up Getting Counselling – 4 Common Triggers

Maybe a friend suggests getting counselling or therapy. In the end though, that’s not usually what makes you go. Or not on its own.

Thinking about getting counselling and actually making an appointment are very different things. Weeks, months or years can separate the two.

The final triggers that lead people to see a therapist generally fall into four categories. Of course they may overlap but each is quite distinct.

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